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analog pixels in a digital world

Art out of old computer keycaps might be a crazy idea, but for me old keycaps are pure paint. Paint that comes along with its own history. Used by countless hands, the caps have been squeezed, hacked, touched. To write messages, programs, emails, important and insignificant, permitted and forbidden things. The artworks remind us of a time when the world was still more analog and pixels on the screen were still visible.

  • Toru Iwatani

paku paku

An original keyboard from the inventor of PacMan.
Thank you so much Toru Iwatani.

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Ein Frankfurter Original

Limitierte, nummerierte Bilderreihe, gefertigt aus den übrig gebliebenen Rohstoffen des ehemaligen Goetheturms.

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Rowing Champions is an unique artwork picturing rowing history in 1735 keycaps

The artwork includes the original used-keycaps of outstanding rowing athletes, as well as signatures on the back to support this work and raise money to benefit youth rowing projects.

keyboards donated by
Donna Etiebet, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Annamarie Phelps, Katrin Thoma and Nigel Longley

artwork signed by
Jack Beaumont, Alan Campbell, Sean Colgan, James Cracknell, Gary O’Donovan, Paul O’Donovan, Tim Foster, Jürgen Grobler, Angus Groom, Phelan Hill, Mark Hunter, Matt Langridge, Andy Parkinson, Annamarie Phelps, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Tom Ransley, Will Satch, Moe Sbihi, Gavin Stewart, Mike Sweeney, Matthew Tarrant, Katrin Thoma, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Spencer Turrin

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the ONE

Presse aktuell

Das Frankfurter Finelifestyle & Golf Magazin widmet mir
zwei Doppelseiten – sensationell!

  • Einzelne Tasten

welcome „heinz“

Das Portrait des Computer-Pioniers Heinz Nixdorf ist jetzt dauerhaft
im größten Computermuseum der Welt, dem Heinz-Nixdorf-Museums-Forum, ausgestellt.
Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt.

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„Keycap-Artworks – half apple, half Jobs“, Top Magazin, summer 2015.

2018  //  NDR „DAS“ Filmbeitrag
2018  //  Frankfurter Rundschau
2017  //  The One Magazin (Frankfurt)
2017  // BZ (Berliner Zeitung), Hamburger Abendblatt, Berliner Morgenpost
2015  //  Top Magazin Frankfurt

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