Rowing Champions

Rowing Champions

Rowing Champions is an unique artwork picturing rowing history in 1735 keycaps, including the original used-keycaps of outstanding rowing athletes, as well as signatures on the back to benefit youth rowing projects .

THE ARTWORK WAS DISPLAYED AT LEANDER CLUB, HENLEY, during the Henley Royal Regatta 2018.
It is available for purchase with all proceeds going to support youth rowing projects around the world.
The charities that will 100% benefit from the monies raised are:

The Ahoy Centre, UK

Wirfueryannic e.V., Germany


Bids are welcome via e-mail to




Leander Club Henley


1735 keycaps

Donna Etiebet, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Annamarie Phelps, Katrin Thoma and Nigel Longley
Jack Beaumont, Alan Campbell, Sean Colgan, James Cracknell, Gary O’Donovan, Paul O’Donovan, Tim Foster, Jürgen Grobler, Angus Groom, Phelan Hill, Mark Hunter, Matt Langridge, Andy Parkinson, Annamarie Phelps, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Tom Ransley, Will Satch, Moe Sbihi, Gavin Stewart, Mike Sweeney, Matthew Tarrant, Katrin Thoma, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Spencer Turrin